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ACEC2014 Now It's Personal

The Australian Computers in Education Conference 2014 (ACEC2014) is the biennial conference of the Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE). ACEC is hosted by EdTechSA, the South Australian member of ACCE, on behalf of ACCE. This is the conference for networked professionals on the ground and leading the way in education in Australia.

ACEC2014 is a wonderful opportunity for delegates from all around Australia to expand their learning and reconnect with the vision of education, personalise existing and new connections, talk to leading experts in the field, be actively involved in shaping the future of education with new ideas and be the first to see the latest trends.

Education, technology, pedagogy, learning and professional networks are what we are all about. Our point of difference is that we are a volunteer professional association and have long established networks using social media. We are connected and this is your opportunity to connect with us.

Conference Audience

The ACEC conference is the national biennial conference of the Australian Council of Computers in Education hosted by state and territory computers in education groups around Australia. The conference attracts a diverse audience of delegates who have multiple and broad interests related to information technology and the integration of ICT across the curriculum. Delegates include early childhood and F-12 educators and leaders, pre-service teachers, teacher educators in tertiary institutions, commercial suppliers and educational researchers from South Australia, Australia and across the world. 

The conference attracts leaders, policy makers and educational researchers who are interested in digital age learning and teaching and keen to debate new ideas, learn from the success of others and set new agendas. For this audience, your contribution needs to be thought provoking, forward thinking and focused on significant issues and current research. 

The conference will attract educators from early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. For this audience, your contribution will need to be practical, support development of exemplary 

ACEC History

ACEC began in 1983. The proceedings constitute a rich history of computer education in this country and highlight the personalities and trends which have woven the fabric of our progress from computer education to learning technology.

For more background read From CEGV 1979 to ACEC 2000: Australian computers in education conferences come of age by Anne McDougall and Barry McRae - published in the national journal in 2000.

1979: Computer Education Group Victoria (CEGV)
First national conference though not an official ACEC conference
Theme: Students, Teachers and Computers

1980: CEGV
Interstate speakers on program
Theme: Computers in Education

1981: CEGV
International keynote invited

1982: CEGV
International attendees attracted

1982: ACS, Hobart Tasmania
Schools Symposium (part of ACS national Conference ACS9)
Theme: Agreement to investigate formation of a national body

Official national conferences, initially hosted on behalf of the ACSs NCCE
1983: CEGV, Melbourne Victoria
First official ACEC conference
ACEC83 Could you use a computer?

1984: NSWCEG, Sydney NSW
ACEC84 Dreams and Reality

1985: CEGQ, Brisbane Queensland
ACEC85 The Information Edge: the future for educational computing

The Australian Council for Computers in Education is in established November 1985 to replace NCCE as the national body.

ACEC conferences are then hosted on behalf of ACCE

1986: CEGV, Melbourne Victoria
ACEC86 On the Crest of a Wave

1987: CEGSA, Adelaide South Australia
ACEC87 Tomorrows Technology Today

1988: ECAWA, Perth Western Australia
ACEC88 Golden Opportunities

1989: CEGACT, Canberra ACT
ACEC89 Back up the Future

1990: CEGNSW, Sydney NSW
WCCE90 Computers in Education WCCE '90

1991: CEGQ Queensland
ACEC91 Navigating the Nineties

1992: CEGV, Melbourne VIC
ACEC92 Computing the Clever Country?

1993: CEGNSW, New South Wales
ACEC93 Sharing the Vision

1994: CEGQ, Queensland
Asia-Pacific I.T. in Training & Education Conference (APITITE)

1995: ECAWA, Western Australia
ACEC95 Learning Without Limits

1996: CEGACT, Canberra
ACEC96 Get with IT

1998: CEGSA, Adelaide, South Australia
ACEC98 Where's ITT At?

2000: CEGV, Melbourne, Victoria
ACEC2000 Learning Technologies, Teaching and the Future of Schools

2002: TASITE, Hobart, Tasmania
ACEC2002 Linking Learners

2004: CEGSA, Adelaide, South Australia
ACEC2004 Research, Reform, Realise the Potential

2006: QSITE, Cairns, Queensland
ACEC2006 IT’s up here for thinking

2008: CEGACT, Canberra, ACT
ACEC2008 ACT on IcT

2010: ICTEV, Melbourne, Victoria
ACEC2010 Digital Diversity

2012: ECAWA, Perth, Western Australia
ACEC2012 ITs Time!