Let's MeetUp

The MeetUp activities planned for ACEC2014 will provide a valuable and dynamic component to the more formal conference program. In particular, the inclusion of students to facilitate reflection and deep conversations about learning and teaching with digital technologies is a major strength. It will help remind us all of what is most important!
ACEC2012 SpaceBarMeetUps epitomise our conference theme of ‘Now It’s Personal’. They are opportunities to connect with the keynotes, other delegates and students. The MeetUp activities will be in relaxed, fun spaces to chat, share, learn, enjoy a coffee and recharge with a variety of MeetUp activities.

What can you do in the MeetUp Spaces?

  • Connect with each other

  • Relax and build your networks

  • Recharge and plan your next movements

  • Chat with keynotes

  • Share your learning with other delegates

  • Interact with the Digital Leaders Thought Group who will provide a students’ perspective of the conference

  • Investigate how students are learning in innovative environments

  • Support the Digital Leaders Thought Group panel challenge “So, How Personal was It?”

  • Use #ACEC2014 to follow MeetUp Space activities and backchannel

Find out more about all the available Meetup activities on the MeetUp page