Why attend ACEC2014: Now IT's Personal?

At a glance:

ACEC2014 is:

An opportunity to learn about the latest curriculum and hear from a wide variety of classroom practitioners.
ACEC2014 is for all teachers. With the implementation of the subject of Digital Technologies, as well as ICT as a general capability underpinning the curriculum of all learning areas, there is a need, now more than ever, for all teachers to have a thorough understanding of how this important learning connects with the work they do in their classroom. ACEC2014 is a conference organised by educators for educators. It is a chance to connect current research with exemplary classroom practice through engaging with sessions by leading international and national researchers and practicing educators.

A chance to connect with leading researchers and educators from all over the world.
ACEC2014 is not about hearing people present on a stage, but about connecting personally with the people you are learning along with. Our keynotes will be available to talk with delegates straight after their addresses in their “Conversation with the Keynote” session and will also be accessible throughout the conference as well as at other optional events such as Masterclasses and the Breakfast with the Keynotes. There are also many times within the program where delegates will be able to connect with presenters and other delegates in a variety of informal learning and social events.

A time to engage with a long-standing and thriving learning community.
ACEC2014 is the biennial national conference of The Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE) and is a chance for delegates to meet and expand their professional learning network. To actively engage with learning that continues long after the conference itself has ended.

To quote ACEC Immediate Past-President Tony Brandeneburg “ACEC is much more than a conference and is very relevant for many reasons.  The conference, in ACCE's case, is a time when Australian Educators meet and celebrate what has happened in the past two years from a variety of perspectives.  Yes they listen to keynotes, they go to workshops, they present refereed and non-referred papers, but what they also do is they network and celebrate achievements and are connected to all that is happening.”

We are looking forward to welcoming you all to ACEC2014 in Adelaide