1:1 iPads in Upper Primary

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Thursday 2 October 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm


Meeting Room 1


  • Redefining Education


This session will provide delegates with a summary of the implementation of our 1:1 iPad program in 2014. The Year 6 teaching and learning team from St Andrew's School in Adelaide will discuss the obstacles, issues and solutions that led to this BYOD program. We will share the story of how we transformed our Year 6 program to maximise the impact of this exciting technology – from the old to the new; from the historical to the innovative.

Focus topics include;
• Policy – how we reshaped existing school policy and developed new policy to meet the change to the learning environment;
• Resourcing – school infrastructure such as WiFi as well as funding for devices themselves;
• Curriculum – utilising integration models to redefine existing curriculum as well as adapting to the challenges and opportunities of the Australian Curriculum;
• Learning Environment – how we altered the Year 6 space to better accommodate the possibilities of the devices;
• Workflow – what the students actually do from lesson to lesson;
• Professional Planning – how the introduction of the devices altered our own professional practices as well as the work of the students;
• Retrospect – further experiences that arise throughout 2014.

In addition to our stories, attendees of this session can expect to hear from and interact with students who are sharing the journey with us. These digital leaders will offer a unique perspective on how the devices have made their learning more personal through innovation and redefinition of the Year 6 experience.

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