Adapting an instrument to measure teacher TPACK

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Thursday 2 October 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm


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Developing a valid and reliable instrument to measure teacher TPACK continues to be one of the main areas of TPACK research. Researchers argue that developing such an instrument could aid teacher professional learning, and support the design and evaluation of teacher education programs. Some researchers such as Graham (2011) suggest that efforts are compounded by theoretical issues around defining ‘what’ constructs to measure, and clarifying ‘how’ these constructs relate to one another.
This paper examines this quest to develop a TPACK instrument. It focuses on the development and use of the Survey of Preservice Teachers’ Knowledge of Teaching and Technology (Schmidt et al, 2009b), originally designed to measure the TPACK of Pk-6 pre-service teachers majoring in elementary or early childhood education. This instrument has been highly influential and has been adapted and used by researchers in the Unites States, Taiwan, Singapore and Australia.
This paper examines how these researchers have used this instrument and the adaptions they have made to increase reliability and validity, including adaptions to the self-assessment scale, constructs, and items.

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