Beyond Change to Disruption

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Wednesday 1 October 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm


Meeting Room 2


  • Innovative Learning


Personalising the teaching and learning process:

See how a Melbourne school, Firbank Grammar School, has embraced digital and networked learning to disrupt the role of the teacher, and traditional beliefs about the way learning should be structured and delivered through the development of an innovative virtual Literature course at Year 10.

Participants will:
• See examples of virtual learning activities and how the teacher rethought specifics about her role in the learning process in the development of those activities.
• Be exposed to examples of how to move from digitising current practices to developing a digital curriculum and pedagogy.
• Explore the use of online collaborative networked environments to shift the role of the teacher from being at the centre of the learning process to empowering students to be active participants in the meaning making.

Who is this session aimed at?
Education leaders and educators who are interested in truly changing the way they deliver curriculum.

Through this presentation participants will be challenged to reflect on how their role must change in order to keep apace of connected world where technology is ubiquitous within and beyond the classroom. They will be challenged to explore how 21st century learning will change schools, classrooms, curriculum and to think in innovative and creative ways about their teaching practices.

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