Capturing the Hearts of Reluctant Writers

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Friday 3 October 10:30 am - 12:00 pm


Meeting Room 10


  • Redefining Education


Are you frustrated by those students who just cannot put pen to paper? When you talk to your students, do they understand the concepts, full to the brim with ideas and ....and yet remain trapped in a state of inertia, unable to bring their potential to their written work?

At NBCS we are pioneering new ways to engage our students through the use of on-line publishing. The endless possibilities for our students to publish their writing to REAL audiences gives REAL value to their work and brings a new level of motivation to these once reluctant and embarrassed writers.
Through the use of manageable formats and exciting presentations such as poetry blogs and e-zines, and using the evolving mediums of digital literacy (often using free software), we have drawn the most reluctant writers into the market place as published authors, placing the emphasis on what they CAN do rather than allowing them to be hampered by what they cannot.
In this lively session, presented by two of the most passionate and excited teaching practitioners on the planet (and sometimes off it), you will see the range of possibilities for your students and will be able to implement your ideas upon your return to the teaching and learning space with the minimum of fuss and effort. As your newfound enthusiasm to reach those as yet unreachable students infects your environment, you’ll find students and teachers alike inspired and refreshed.

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