Choose Your Own Adventure: Digital Technologies

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Thursday 2 October 3:00 pm - 3:45 pm


Meeting Room 6


  • Innovative Learning


The new Digital Technologies curriculum highlights an “essential problem-solving toolset in our knowledge-based society”. The implementation of this curriculum challenges many teachers’ to reflect on what they are required to teach and how.

As a specialist F-7 teacher in this area, I have recently implemented with my students the creation of interactive “Choose Your Own Adventure” style digital stories. This project has empowered my students to understand that as creators of their own story, they are able to shape the information provided to the reader. By designing options for users to make choices in their creations, my students moved from being consumers of technology to creators.

In this presentation you will:
• Uncover aspects of the Digital Technologies curriculum which enable students to experience “practical opportunities to be innovative developers of digital solutions and knowledge”
• Learn how interactive stories can be a successful strategy to develop students’ understandings of the concept of “branching”.
• Share and critique some of the completed stories
• Identify successful strategies, resources and inspiration that can be immediately applied into your own classroom setting

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