Coding,the wizardry of the 21st century

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Wednesday 1 October 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Meeting Room 5


  • Innovative Learning


Learning how to programme is the wizardry of the 21st century. Coding doesn’t need to be some type of ‘mystery’ that is only in reach of those with super human like knowledge. This workshop is designed for those that have never programmed before and want to learn more about teaching programming through the creation of computer games.

Being taught mathematics doesn’t mean you will walk away as a mathematician and the same can be said for those students who learn how to code. But, and the big but here is, if we are serious about preparing students for their future then we need to expose each of them to coding so that they have a richer understanding of the technological devices around them.

Coding computer games allows students to create pieces of art that they are deeply involved with. Conceptualising the product, mapping out the strategy to create it and then executing the skills required rounds out a typical project in a computer gaming class.

Admit it, you're worried about the ‘coding’. Don’t worry, so was I (everyone is a ‘newbie’ at one point) and so this year I’ve been working hard to create a course accessible to the complete ‘newbie’ in Java Programming.

In this highly interactive workshop, the aim is you walk away with a small working game using a software package that is completely free for both Mac and Windows. Importantly you will be exposed to a number of resources that will guide you and your students - this is just the beginning.

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  • Workshop


  • Secondary School
  • Tertiary Level


  • coding
  • Game Design
  • Game Creation
  • Innovative curriculum

Attendee notes: 

Attendees need a laptop (mac/windows) and to download the software from - this software is completely free for windows and mac.

Attendees should check that the program works prior to the workshop (you may need Java for it to run).