Deadly remote teacher training by mobile devices

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Wednesday 1 October 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm


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This paper reports preliminary findings from ongoing PhD research which is investigating how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander pre-service teachers view the use of mobile devices for their studies while living in remote communities.

Participants come from two community-based Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programs in Queensland and South Australia. Qualitative data from individual interviews and focus groups indicates many of these pre-service teachers see the use of mobile devices as an innovative approach to learning which personalises their study by enabling them to participate at times and in places they find most convenient. Engaging features of mobile devices appear to contribute to students’ spontaneous participation in elements of their course. Pre-service teachers indicate use of mobile devices gives freedom from pursuing their course only in a designated study centre. Life events sometimes prevent them attending study centres, yet mobile devices are seen to grant pre-service teachers flexibility to continue their study.

This research is important as it aims to generate new knowledge about reasons for and hindrances to the uptake of mobile devices in community-based ITE programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in remote communities.

Keywords: mobile devices, remote, Initial Teacher Education, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

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  • mobile devices
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