Digital Technologies work sample portfolios

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Thursday 2 October 11:15 am - 12:00 pm


Hall B


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The Australian Curriculum: Technologies has been made available for use; awaiting final endorsement on the Australian Curriculum website. In 2014 ACARA is working with teachers to develop annotated work sample portfolios as a resource to support teachers in planning and implementation of the Foundation to Year 10 curriculum. Each portfolio comprises a collection of annotated student work illustrating evidence of student learning in relation to the achievement standards for each band. Together as a portfolio, the samples will provide evidence of all aspects of the achievement standard. This presentation will provide an overview of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies and how the portfolios can provide insights into how the achievement standards can be addressed.

Note: An additional presentation is possible looking at the Interrelationship of ICT capability and Digital Technologies. Please contact me if you would like an abstract developed.

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  • Australian Curriculum; Digital Technologies; work samples; work sample portfolios; achievement standards