E-Portfolios made easy with Google Apps

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Thursday 2 October 10:30 am - 11:15 am


Meeting Room 4


  • Innovative Learning


The power of portfolios to support deep learning is personal! But who dictates a portfolio; the student, or the school? And what do our collections say about what we value? This presentation will unpack these questions, and promote thinking around the benefits of the processes behind e-portfolios.

Google Apps For Education is a powerful and flexible platform for supporting student e-portfolios. With Google Apps, evidence and reflection of student learning can be captured, curated and shared from one platform. Students can create reflective journals in blogger, store work samples in Drive and Picasa, and showcase and present their learning using Sites. Strategies will be discussed for implementing e-portfolios for students on the Google Apps for Education platform, as well as managing student workflow between applications. Examples will be given of a recent implementation with students in Primary school.

This presentation will appeal to Primary and Secondary educators who are considering or are already using Google Apps with their students.

This presentation will highlight:
• The what, why and how of e-portfolios.
• Examples of how Google Apps For Education can support e-portfolios.
• Examples of a recent implementation of e-portfolios.
• Resources to support e-portfolios with Google Apps For Education.

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  • Early Learning
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  • Secondary School
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