Evaluating a 1 to 1 iPad project

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Thursday 2 October 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm


Meeting Room 9


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Recently there has been an explosion in the use of mobile devices in education. The introduction of these devices enables learners to have 1 to 1 access to technology rather than shared access. A regional single sex high school implemented a 1 to 1 iPad program for its year 8 -10 students with the aim of creating a technology rich learning environment which would create innovative teaching and learning opportunities and to promote personal learning with additional outcomes of independence, lifelong and life wide learning for their students. This study explores the student use of iPads within a 1-1 program at a Queensland high school. It investigates the use of the iPad at school and home for academic purposes and also examines the parental perceptions of the use of the device for learning. Survey data indicated that the implementation of the 1 to 1 iPad project had positive outcomes including enhanced learning opportunities and motivation for learning. However, both parents and students have concerns regarding possible off –task behaviours of students when using the iPads.

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