An ever-evolving Virtual World, and its impact

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Wednesday 1 October 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm


Meeting Room 4


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An ever-evolving Virtual World, and its impact

Virtual world is expanding at an extraordinary pace, engaging millions of users and the number is growing each day. The current generation of learners have already immersed themselves outside school in the 2D & 3D world of communication and gaming. Educational Researchers have been working relentlessly from early this century to investigate the power of virtual world environment in learning and teaching. Through many research projects in the past decade, researchers have inferred that if the tools from this virtual environment are borrowed and applied in the area of education, it shows immense power of engagement, enquiry and collaborative learning. In examining the relevant literature it is evident that virtual environment has plenty to offer and its many tools and applications can assist our children not only to develop deep mastery of 21st century performances and understandings (knowledge and skills) but also offer a real purpose for education. This paper will explore the existing research on the virtual world, and uncover the egalitarian potential of this powerful platform; how it can transcend national boundaries and close the digital divide.

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