Global Competence and Social Change

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Friday 3 October 10:30 am - 12:00 pm


Meeting Room 11


  • Redefining Education


Come and explore how you can shift pedagogy and enable students from different countries to learn with and from each other in authentic, real-world projects using emerging technologies.

A social change in teaching and learning in order to support meaningful global collaborations is taking place now. Are you and your school and your students part of this? Well designed global projects can help students break out of the straitjacket of single identities. Stereotypes, ethnocentrism and confirmation bias are significant learning challenges and one of the best ways to address these challenges is by getting students from different countries together to collaborate and solve problems.

In Al Gore’s recently released book ‘The Future’, he claims that, “We are witnessing the birth of the world’s first truly global civilization.” Rather than being places where students learn about the world, schools are now places where students can learn with the world. In his book ‘Open’, David Price OBE tells us, “Going ‘open’ is a social revolution that represents a fundamental challenge to the established order of things - one that cannot be ignored.” Opening learning, opening education to the possibilities of the world and providing access to technology to do this are basic education requirements. We have the tools, we have the pedagogy, it’s time to connect the world.

This session will show, through real examples, how new pedagogies are being forged and students from different countries enabled to learn collaboratively to solve problems and co-create better understandings and new products. A number of projects will be examined including Flat Connections projects and the Harvard-based Out of Eden Learn launched in 2013.

Participants will be encouraged to contribute via various Web 2.0 tools and backchannel interactions on Twitter. Numerous digital links will be provided for participants to connect to as the workshop unfolds. The workshop is interactive and discussion-based. Together we will build understanding of what it means to become globally competent and culturally aware, and the role technology has in building bridges for collaboration, co-creation and sustained actions to improve the world as we know it. As a result of participating in this workshop, participants will understand how to connect students globally, and how use effective global project-based pedagogies to develop intercultural understanding and foster global competence.

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