iPads in a 1:1 Program: The Dilemma of Challenge

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Wednesday 1 October 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Meeting Room 9


  • Redefining Education


This paper explores the implementation of iPads into the curriculum at Years 7 & 9 at one school. Each student in Years 7 & 9 was provided with an iPad, as part of the 1:1 Program it commenced in 2011. This study follows previous research at the same school, which focused on their inaugural launch of a 1:1 Program using Netbooks in 2011. The school continued to implement Netbooks in 2012, however in 2013, replaced the Netbooks with iPads citing cost to be a major factor in this decision. This paper will examine how iPads were used in each subject studied and whether it enhanced teaching and learning. Parental perspectives were obtained regarding the 1:1 Program and its place in their child’s education. Some parents were highly critical of the provision of the devices to their children, especially with respect to time management and the questioning of necessity, whilst others praised the program. The research findings are presented in a thematic style, and provide an insight into how the iPad is used in a variety of subjects at school and at home. The paper concludes with some recommendations to inform school leaders about the challenges of implementing an iPad Initiative.

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