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Wednesday 1 October 1:45 pm - 2:30 pm


Meeting Room 1


  • Redefining Education


Learning is not constrained to four walls of the classroom. It can encompass the world, through the use of technology and collaboration.

In this presentation, you will be transported on a journey where students and teachers, connect and learn together across three different locations, Arizona, Tennessee and South Australia. Students aged from 9 - 14, collaborate internationally on common STEM investigative projects and share their learning worldwide.

Come and learn about the use of a global space that will serve as an ongoing repository for future investigations. Find out how the students communicate and collaborate with each other, sharing their knowledge and experiences, while growing as global citizens as a result. See how the teachers facilitate and inspire the student learning and creativity through project based learning, technology integration and authentic collaboration with others.

If you've ever thought about collaborating with other students and teachers online but haven't known where to begin or what to expect, then this presentation is for you.

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