Leading Learning in South Australia

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Thursday 2 October 10:30 am - 11:00 am


Meeting Room 8


  • Inspiring Leadership


Leading Learning: Making the Australian Curriculum work for us
(Recalibrating South Australia’s learning culture)

Current research and global contexts demand a shift in our teaching from a linear, transactional, industrial approach to a post-industrial approach which is future focused and develops skills and understandings that are transferable and enduring.

In South Australia we identified the introduction of the Australian Curriculum as an ideal opportunity to bring together this curriculum and the pedagogy articulated in the South Australian Teaching for Effective Learning (TfEL) framework. We have seized this opportunity to challenge our intuitive beliefs about not only what we want our students to learn but how we want them to experience their learning.

We are positioning our teachers as powerful and creative designers of learning that personalises and connects to their students’ worlds and develops powerful, expert learners.

The Leading Learning resource has been developed to support and foreground the role that leaders play in achieving this strategic shift in the way we work with curriculum in South Australia. This resource provides a suite of scaffolds and tools for leaders and embraces a digital environment to promote a collaborative, collegiate, state-wide partnership in professional learning through the use of social media and a high level of interactivity and sharing built into the resource.

The Leading Learning resource intentionally supports us to achieve an aspirational vision for teaching and learning in South Australia where the Australian Curriculum works for us and builds upon the pedagogical strengths of South Australian teachers. This vision is informed by current research including our own SA Teaching for Effective Learning National Partnerships
Smarter Schools Pedagogy Research which compels us to build resilience in our students through high challenge pedagogy that activates and develops the executive functions of all learners.

The resource supports teachers to personalise and connect with the curriculum, to deeply understand what they really want their students to take from their learning into their everyday and future lives and to move away from a paradigm that sees teaching as coverage of content towards a view of teaching and learning where our students are engaged in learning as scientists, mathematicians, historians etc. so that they not only know about the important understandings and develop the skills within each learning area but can bring this understanding into their everyday contexts as powerful, expert learners.

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