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Wednesday 1 October 3:00 pm - 3:45 pm


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Catholic Education SA (CESA) is supporting schools implement software platforms designed to enhance learning and collaboration. CESA has developed a model of shared responsibility of professional learning to enable teachers and school leaders have a deeper understanding of the context, content and pedagogy of these learning environments. The design has been responsive to the uptake of ‘bring your own device’, and improved student learning outcomes that enable students to orchestrate their learning and become creative and confident digital technologies.
The Digital Education Advisory Group identified capacity building, teamwork and contemporary pedagogy as powerful drivers of 21st century learning and teaching – all of these involve cultural change in our expectations of schools, teachers and learners.The TPACK model will be used to build teacher capacity while recognising existing skills and expertise - pedagogy, content and technology to promote teaching and learning. Professional learning has been developed to assist teachers understand the interplay between these factors, by building on the power of collaboration. Teachers need the capacity to design and implement new ways of learning, and will be supported in the development of innovative teaching practices underpinned by digital technology.
One of the approaches is offering a coaching model in which participants become facilitators of the course in their own school. The model focuses on using coaching methodology with an ICT focus to build sustainable change of practice within schools. Aligned with this is consideration of the change management process required to lead teaching and learning in a school community.
Professional learning is referenced back to the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) standards for both Principals and Teachers. Consistent with these standards, participants will be encouraged to develop a plan, and to allocate resources that are consistent with the vision and values of the school community.
CESA is scaffolding profession learning opportunities as a shared responsibility grounded in professional practice that mirrors AITSL standards with collaborative opportunities to cover both traditional learning tools as well as opportunities to work with contemporary digital technologies.
The platforms were selected to build capacity in the uptake of digital education in schools, and develop new ways of teaching and learning. The underlying approach for professional learning is that technologies do not, of themselves, improve learning. Rather, it is the design of the learning experiences in making use of particular technologies that leads to improved learning outcomes.

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