Leading Technology with Pedagogy

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Thursday 2 October 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm


Hall B


  • Inspiring Leadership


How often do we hear that pedagogy must drive technology but then how often do we see our teachers overwhelmed with a varied array of Apps, different devices and complicated electronic resources. It all confirmed that technology alone could not improve teaching practice.

Any successful change requires a level of understanding of how this change is mapped towards obtaining a direct benefit and therefore worth the investment for the individual. The main way in which we need to communicate the use of technology to our teachers is through the lens of the practice that they will use to support effective pedagogy. This is a concept that our leadership team and teachers understand and feel empowered to follow. This is the way technology must be implemented. The objectives we have for our teaching and learning programs must be deeply cemented in the objectives we have for the implementation of technology.

At Beaconhills College we have undergone a process of defining our Education BluePrint which clarifies for our staff guidelines on how they design their curriculum and how they deliver it in their classroom. Only then did we look at how technology could be best used. We need to build in our teachers a capacity for them to critically identify the effective use of ICT through the lens of what constitutes effective practice. Every teacher needs to be the agent of this change and we must build this capacity.

This session will outline all of the aspects that Beaconhills continues to develop in supporting a pedagogically led approach to the implementation of our use of technology which includes:
• Leadership and Decision making
• Pedagogy and Practice
• Strategic Planning
• Professional Learning
• Resource Allocation
• Roles and Responsibilities and organizational structures
• Linking Policy settings to Practice

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