LEGO to the movies: iPads and LEGO = Movie.

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Thursday 2 October 1:45 pm - 2:30 pm


Meeting Room 4


  • Inspiring Leadership


LEGO to the movies: A massive classroom animation project.

I have always been a giant believer in giving students a voice in their learning and when discussing with them about a project they would like to do this year, their response was unanimous. I mean, I can’t be surprised a teacher and students that love iPads and LEGO, what else would they want to do? Create our own ‘full length’ animated LEGO movie as a class.

In what proposes to be a mammoth undertaking hear about the journey of how a grade 1/2 class have worked to create their own LEGO movie. I will tell you the process followed in undertaking this project, including involving student and industry experts, the apps that we used and all of the smaller projects and design elements involved in this one very large project.

From student goals at the start, to project design and how it was integrated throughout all subjects, come along for the ride! Also…if you’re lucky…maybe you can catch a screening of the completed movie! So LEGO on a journey together everyone, lets all grab our iPads and LEGO to the movies.

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  • Early Learning
  • Primary School
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  • iPads in education
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