A Model of Pedagogical Reasoning with Technology

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Wednesday 1 October 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm


Meeting Room 8


  • Redefining Education


This paper proposes a lens to view a teacher’s Technological Pedagogical Reasoning through a digital portfolio. There is much evidence of pre-service teachers preparing a digital portfolio but there is limited evidence of successful programs where in-service teachers have prepared a digital portfolio. This research provides confirmation of a Queensland based program where teachers have completed a digital portfolio as part of the Smart Classrooms Professional Development Framework. This digital portfolio provides rich descriptions of a teacher’s professional values, relationships, knowledge and practice. This type of portfolio encompasses sumptuous discussions and evidence of using technology in the classroom. Inherent in this digital portfolio are elements of their pedagogical reasoning with technology (PRT) or Technological Pedagogical Reasoning. This paper reports on one teacher’s digital portfolio as part of the wider research project investigating the development of PRT. Findings indicate there is evidence of pedagogical reasoning within this digital portfolio, which suggest that PRT is present. Therefore, this paper proposes that it is time for a Model of Pedagogical Reasoning with Technology in order to capture the interrelationship of teaching and technology in the 21st century.

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  • pedagogical reasoning
  • technological pedagogical reasoning
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