MOOCs and Quality Issues: A Student Perspective

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Friday 3 October 10:30 am - 11:00 am


Meeting Room 7


  • Innovative Learning


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have become the focus of exploration and analysis as a disruptive innovation (Christensen, 1997) to education. There are significant claims made about the potential of MOOCs to transform schooling and higher education (Ernst & Young, 2012; Norton et al., 2013). Education policy and practice is guided by considerations of quality. This paper provides a student perspective ‘from the inside’ in relation to MOOCs and questions of quality. The perspectives are situated within wider, more general, questions about quality issues about MOOCs ‘from the outside’ which remain largely unresolved (Kinash, 2014). Those concerns about quality include questions relating to the business model to sustain MOOCs, intellectual property issues, course design including the assessment design, and questions about credit for completing a MOOC. Value propositions for students and for faculty staff involved in the design, creation and delivery of MOOCs are discussed. The paper concludes that, while MOOCs are potentially a disruptive innovation, it is possible that future designs of MOOCs will see improvements on the current learning design evident in early versions of MOOCs.

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