Online:Visual Arts and Aboriginal perspectives

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Wednesday 1 October 3:00 pm - 3:45 pm


Meeting Room 1


  • Redefining Education


This presentation will investigate blending digital and non-digital approaches for studies of Visual Arts and history; a study of Visual Arts through the work of Aboriginal artists, and a study of Aboriginal history through visual arts. Participants will investigate the digital elements of the resources and approaches to managing the resources in classrooms to consider their potential for making learning personal for students.

Classroom environments, digital or otherwise, need to provide for learning for
all learners. Learning is at the heart of schooling and classrooms. Digital learning environments with their interconnectedness (Way & Beardon, 2003) create a richness in learning and thinking and in opportunities to differentiate learning. The digital environment includes a diversity of resources that can be blended to provide choices or pathways for learning. Students interact with and revisit resources as many times as they wish to scaffold thinking about a topic or process.

In this paper, there will be a discussion of digital resources that bring together in one place, multiple perspectives, the investigation of which is directed by tasks. The tasks integrate focus questions, key resources, activities, or constructed readings. Students work in an environment, bounded but blended. The teacher bounds the context with a question which needs to be answered, as a result of blending learning from resources, both digital and non-digital.

A range of resources will be presented with a focus on evaluating the enhancement of personal learning through the digital aspects, specifically e-books. The audience for these resources is students in the early and primary years of school and students in middle schooling (Years 7-9). Key aspects of these resources are the use of Bloom’s taxonomy to structure tasks, problem-based approaches and Aboriginal perspectives (ACARA, 2012).

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