Open Badge Design, Every Which Way

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Wednesday 1 October 10:30 am - 12:00 pm


Meeting Room 5


  • Redefining Education


Mozilla's Open Badges project has opened up a new way of recognizing skills and learning through an open, stackable framework. This session is aimed at participants who are new to Open Badges. Through hands-on exercises we will explore various design considerations when developing for learning experiences that involve Mozilla's Open Badges.

After an introduction to Open Badges and the Open Badges Infrastructure project, with time for questions, we will explore different aspects of badge design through three exercises:

- Badge learning design - When will your badge be awarded? How will you guide your learners in earning the badge? How does it relate to other badges, learning or experiences?

- Badge visual design - Although badges are not all about the visual, the visual can help or hinder your learners' learning journey. Participants will get tips for visual design, online tools for designing badges, and the opportunity to manually design one badge.

- And finally we will look at badge system design - How are the badges in an issuing organization related? How do you begin developing a badge system? How do you keep track of your system? And how would a badge system fit within the current learning environment in your organization?

As Open Badges are still in their infancy, and how they are used differs with each context and organization, this session should raise interesting discussions and questions.

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  • Workshop


  • Early Learning
  • Primary School
  • Secondary School
  • Tertiary Level
  • General audience


  • open badges
  • learning design
  • learning activities
  • digital badges

Attendee notes: 

It is recommended that participants bring along a laptop or tablet, so they can access the workshop resources, as well as find information and inspiration for their open badge design activities.