Personalisation with Mobile Technology

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Thursday 2 October 10:30 am - 11:15 am


Hall B


  • Innovative Learning


Mobile technologies offer possibilities that seem almost without boundaries and provide “anywhere, anytime” access. But access to what? The real potential comes from having one’s very own personal and personalised device wherever you go. This mobility makes personalised learning possible and practical. Let’s stop talking about 1:1 programs - let’s focus on personalising learning!
Differentiation has long been a challenge for teachers. The shift to personalisation also increases the role of the student in their own learning program. Mobile technologies finally offer the toolkits needed to make personalisation a reality. Teachers continue to select the pedagogy to engage learners in deep learning, and the methodologies to support learners
at all stages. Significantly though, the increase in choice, mode and method that enables self-directed learning exponentially grows with the ubiquitous use of personalised devices.
So, how can we make differentiation and personalisation the norm rather than the exception?
This session explores transformational strategies to learning using mobile devices based on an inquiry-based pedagogical focus, using technology in transformative and personalised ways. Insights from primary school scenarios can be applied to learners of all ages. Come along and learn more about how a focus on technological integration based on learning skills rather than subject skills promotes personal learning programs and enables self-directed learning.

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