PHAP it UP! Using Photos with Apps!

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Thursday 2 October 3:45 pm - 4:30 pm


Meeting Room 1


  • Innovative Learning


How can educators implement the use of tablets to benefit students in the class as it pertains to Social Studies, Language Arts, Science and Math instruction?

Tablets, which includes the Apple iPad, Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tabs, and others, are making their way into the classroom and transforming instruction. These devices are now changing the way we teach and how our students are learning. According to the latest NMC Horizon Report released by the New Media Consortium and the Educause Learning Initiative, six technologies will change the face of classroom learning. ( Charlie Osborne, iGeneration). Mobile Apps and Tablet computing round out the top two!
Mobile devices can benefit any classroom when used as a tool for students to demonstrate understanding. With the combination of photo apps and the device camera, teachers can find unique ways to support students as they create and communicate their work without being confined to a computer lab. With students, their social media isn’t as much as communicating through words, rather, they are most often sharing photos. Whether it is on Instagram, Facebook, or other social medias, it’s always about the picture! Using tablets for creating projects can be done at most times with little ease. They have enabled greater access for both the education consumer and the creator. Using mobile devices in a classroom setting helps to promote how a student engages with a topic independently. These devices can expand, motivate and enhance good teaching practices as well as arouse student curiosity and independent learning thereby adding value to the objective. Should it be about the device? Probably not, but it's the future of education.
The purpose of this session is to show teachers how to harness that enthusiasm and demonstrate to teachers how the use of photographs and some amazing productivity apps can mash-up to create projects. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and in this session, you will see the benefits of combining photos with apps. The session will include:
• Introductions to many apps that will allow their students to ‘mash’ photos with apps to create products.
• Teachers will be given lesson plans and examples of how students from all grade levels and curriculum can use PHAPS.
• An informative website for this session is available for teachers to help guide their choices as well as show them student samples.

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  • Secondary School
  • Talented and Gifted
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Attendee notes: 

Attendees should bring a tablet. I will be demonstrating the following apps:
Scribble Press
Morfo Booth
Word Foto
Cut me In
Pic Collage
Foto Farm
Comic Puppets
Photo Card
Deco Sama
If they would like to play along, then they can add these apps to their device. The entire selection of apps used can be found at: