Professional Learning in 140 Characters

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Thursday 2 October 11:30 am - 12:00 pm


Meeting Room 9


  • Redefining Education


The World Wide Web (the Web) has grown into a global information and communication space with more than a billion users and has entered a new, more social and participatory phase where people create and manage online content rather than just viewing it; a place where people can communicate knowledge, share resources and participate in social networks. Online social networks are being used to support professional learning where groups of people are using the Web to communicate and collaborate in order to build and share knowledge and form professional learning networks (PLNs).

This session will present the results of research into how microblogging, a form of online social networking, is being employed by educators to support their professional learning. The study examined activities and perceptions of a group of educators in order to provide an insight into how and why they engage in microblogging and the value they place on microblogging as a professional learning tool. This session will outline the range of behaviours and activities that are undertaken to support professional learning; the advantage of microblogging as a professional learning tool; and implications for practice.

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