Project 600: Inspire, Connect and Transform

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Thursday 2 October 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Meeting Room 8


  • Redefining Education


This paper provides an overview of the highly successful Education Queensland Project 600 literacy and numeracy strategic initiative, with more than 11000 students from Years 4-9 being involved since its inception as Project 300 in 2011. Project 600, which aims to inspire, connect and transform student learning through deep engagement, involves Education Queensland's regions choosing a specific area to focus on within their improvement agenda. The Project 600 team then works with the regions to design and implement the initiative, enabled through online learning, guided by the IMPACT model which enables personalised learning. This paper suggests that the IMPACT model makes a contribution to proposing a Model of Technological Pedagogical Reasoning and Action (MTPRA) (see Smart et al., 2013; Finger & Finger, 2013), which builds upon Shulman's (1986; 1987) Model of Pedagogical Reasoning and Action (MPRA). Features of Project 600 are summarised, including the recruitment of high performing teachers who form an expert team, their training and ongoing coaching and mentoring, engagement for school leaders and parents, and strategies for disseminating Project 600 within schools. Subsequently, this paper presents a summary of some key findings, which reflect Education Queensland's Performance Monitoring and Reporting Branch (PMRB) reporting that emerging data suggests that Project 600 is "having a substantial impact on literacy and numeracy achievement", and that PMRB is using Project 600 as a case study in best practice data analysis and accountability. Importantly, this paper provides insights from students which collectively portray Project 600 as 'awesome'.

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