Reflective, Contemporary Learning

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Friday 3 October 10:30 am - 11:15 am


Hall B


  • Innovative Learning


A Sense of Self, The Bigger Picture - Multimodal resources that support reflective, contemporary learning

The teacher’s role is more important than ever before - developing an understanding in our students of where they want to be in the future, what they will need in order to get there, and the best path to take on the journey.

Teaching and learning strategies that employ multimodal resources can enhance creativity and innovation. They can engage learners with content that is rigorous and that reflects the contemporary needs of society. This workshop will explore resources that contain digital content that is engaging, interactive and challenging, and that also supports autonomous learning in creative environments.

The resources and tools explored in this workshop focus on Australian content to promote a positive Australian culture and a community of discerning lifelong learners. The Australian curriculum learning areas, general capabilities and cross curriculum priorities will be highlighted through these contemporary resources, teaching strategies and authentic learning activities and tools.

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