Reimagining Education

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Wednesday 1 October 10:30 am - 11:15 am


Meeting Room 6


  • Redefining Education


We have all seen the photographs from classrooms 50 and 100 years ago. Students sitting in rows, slate in hand. The front of the classroom is controlled by a tall stern teacher with chalk in hand and often yielding a large stick. Photographs are captioned with things like “Have our classrooms really changed?” But rather than asking have, we ask how. With so many emerging technologies how are we changing education? This session will help you to answer this question and many more. It will give you the opportunity to look at education from a different perspective.

Have you ever dropped a pin on the floor and put your head at floor level to find it? Or lost someone in a crowd so jumped on a chair to find them? Sometimes changing our perspective is just what we need to do to see what we are looking for. And that’s what Brette and Mel set out to do.

In this session we will look at education and our classrooms from different perspectives to help us see the light. A series of what if questions will frame a number of activities set to provoke, challenge and allow us to dream. All while having a lot of fun and taking us back to our childhood where imaginations let us believe in the world we wanted to live.

We will start with questions like, “What if our classrooms were a food truck?” and “What if learning was a TV Guide?” But the fun won’t stop there. Let’s reinvent and reimagine education!

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  • Early Learning
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