Riding the Social Media Wave in Education

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Wednesday 1 October 10:30 am - 11:15 am


Meeting Room 4


  • Redefining Education


In the decade since Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook, social media has become a truly ubiquitous form of communication. The influence of platforms such as Twitter and Instagram has even led renowned academics to suggest that social media is altering the very fabric of reality. Yet, despite the wide take up of such platforms by young people, education has largely remained opposed to the idea that social media can be an effective learning tool.
This session will focus upon a range of successful ideas that I have employed in my History classroom including the #TweetingPompeii project. If properly managed, the well known Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can engage even the most reluctant student. However, this will also be an opportunity to learn about the possibilities provided by other tools such as Phrase.it and Pheed. Riding a wave is exhilarating and social media can bring that same vitality to your classroom. No matter what you teach, there is a “takeaway” to be found here.

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