Supporting Digital Technologies: the CSER MOOC

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Thursday 2 October 10:30 am - 12:00 pm


Meeting Room 5


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The new Australian Digital Technologies learning area, positions Australia as one of the leading countries in addressing the urgent need to include computational thinking concepts and computer science skills into schooling curricula as early as the foundational years. Understanding that many of our Australian teachers are pressed for time and that implementation begins shortly, urgent action is required to provide teachers with the support they need so that they can deliver the best learning outcomes for our students and meet the new learning objectives. In this presentation, we describe our work at the University of Adelaide in building a free, open, online course that aligns specifically with the new Digital Technologies curriculum, addressing Foundation-6.

The MOOC is designed for Australian primary school teachers (F-6) and pre-service teachers, with course modules that align with the learning objectives from the Australian Digital Technologies curriculum. We have organised modules around the five sub-strands in the Australian digital technologies curriculum. In each module we explore computer science and computational thinking concepts, which provide foundational knowledge for all teachers, moving toward examples and ways to consider teaching the concepts from the very early learning objectives (Foundation), building up toward the Year 6 objectives.

Teachers will explore text, video and digital content that we have created here at CSER, but we will also be drawing on excellent existing resources and videos that have been developed by our national and international CSEd colleagues and partners. In addition, we will be providing additional resource collections for each module, designed to provide further inspiration and opportunities for collaboration and activity development.

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