Teachers connecting with students through games

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Thursday 2 October 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm


Meeting Room 7


  • Innovative Learning


Most Primary students play digital games. For many children these digital games are an important part of their lives. How can we as teachers connect with our students about the games they play? How can we incorporate their gaming experiences into our teaching? How can we teach literacy in such a way that it includes critical gaming literacy?

In this paper I outline sections of a case study on what children aged 8-13 years know and want to talk about with adults in relation to digital gaming. I consider the importance of using discussions about gaming to connect with students and enhance their engagement with school learning.

An action research is then explored, explaining how I, as a classroom teacher, used lessons involving students in creating their own digital games. This section focuses on using lessons to build critical multiliteracy skills amongst the students as well as assisting them to develop cultural competencies and social skills. There is a specific focus on the skills of play and collective intelligence as they present in the classroom.

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  • Refereed Paper


  • Primary School


  • digital games
  • cultural competencies
  • critical literacy