Teaching Computing: The value of rich media

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Thursday 2 October 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Meeting Room 8


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Digital resources which utilise rich media incorporate multimedia and interactivity. Increasingly common in learning resources and environments, they are often accessible and compatible with mobile devices and are consequently becoming more prevalent in schools. However, the challenges of adding value to teaching and learning through the use of rich media remain an issue. Given that by providing innovative learning experiences, students will have “expectations of being able to work, play and learn… across their mobile devices, whenever they want and wherever they may be” (ACEC, 2014), increasing the use of rich media might actively engage students in key learning experiences. However, developing teaching resources with rich media needs careful consideration to ensure the learning experience benefits from added value.
The aim of this paper is to provide educators with an insight into the uses of rich media in the development of a set of online resources for teaching Computing and how the value of that media was viewed by those teachers using the resources. The paper will address key questions such as: Why should I use rich media in my teaching? What are the different forms of rich media I can provide for my students and in what ways might I use these on an online course? What implications are there for teachers developing resources using rich media?
This paper:
-reviews the literature on the value of rich media in teaching resources.
-provides findings from teacher feedback after sharing and use of a set of resources in secondary schools.
-provides arguments for the inclusion of rich media in teaching resources and supporting exemplars of how rich media can offer diverse teaching and learning opportunities.
-examines the issues that having rich media in teaching resources can bring to teacher/student use.
Rich media can be a powerful element of teaching resources, provide for a variety of teaching and learning experiences but also cover expectancies of an innovative approach to teaching. Yet, at the same time, the constraints of rich media need to be appreciated and managed. The rationale for including aspects of multimedia in teaching resources needs to be clear as this informs the best ways in which it can be integrated. This paper provides information that can guide educators in making informed choices on the use of rich media to enhance teaching and learning in a variety of ways.

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