Team teaching with technology.

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Friday 3 October 11:00 am - 11:30 am


Meeting Room 7


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In contrast to the pedagogical solitude experienced by some teachers working with their students behind closed doors, teams of teachers collaboratively teaching larger groups of students is a practice becoming more frequently employed with junior and middle years classes. The research literature examining team teaching reports a number of benefits that lend support to the decision of schools who have adopted a team teaching approach; however, studies also report a number of challenges that have also been commonly identified with this practice. In particular, research indicates difficulties associated with the formation of effective teaching teams due to the differences in teachers’ professional knowledge and skills. These differences can manifest themselves in a number of key areas including pedagogical approaches and content knowledge. The efficacy of teaching teams is further complicated by the increased availability of digital technologies and the tensions created by the different skill levels and pedagogical choices made by teachers in the same team. In this paper we consider the ways in which TPACK is challenged by the complex nature of team teaching and propose the notion of developing a communal TPACK for improved team effectiveness.

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