Technology should teachers be familiar with

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Thursday 2 October 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm


Meeting Room 7


  • Redefining Education


How familiar pre-service teachers are familiar with various technologies is a question which can inform both teacher education programs and the work of schools. Previous research has indicated that pre-service teachers, at the commencement of their programs, can be characterised as ‘social users’, with familiarity with technologies such as Facebook predominating. To examine this to a greater level of detail, over 200 Secondary and Primary pre-service teachers completed a survey of some 50 different ‘software types’ and the devices which they used to access or utilize those resources. This session considers two aspects of this work. Firstly, the initial results of this survey are shared: the initial familiarity of a ‘digital native generation’ with technologies such as online shopping, twitter, pinterest, 3D/gaming environments, wikis, blogs, RSS (and others) is illuminating. Secondly, audience feedback is sought relating to the range of software types, as we struggled to formulate a survey that was more succinct – Is there duplication? What are the gaps? And what does this mean for (and say about) the range of technologies which might find their way into teachers’ practice, both inside and outside the classroom?

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