Using SAMR to Improve ICT use in the Classroom

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Thursday 2 October 11:15 am - 12:00 pm


Meeting Room 4


  • Redefining Education


The SAMR model clearly outlines how to scaffold effective technology use in the class, from substitution to redefinition. It shows how technology can be used to develop students’ learning and higher order thinking. Despite this, however, the model is rarely applied in 1:1 classrooms.

The challenge for technology leaders is to assist teachers to move from the theory of SAMR to its practical application in the classroom, where it will make the most difference to student learning. Even when the model is taught through professional development, it often does not change teachers’ practice. This is because the connections between the SAMR and everyday classroom practice are not made, leaving many teachers unsure of where to begin.

This presentation will discuss how the SAMR model can be applied in the classroom, and how it can be taught to other classroom teachers. Attendees will leave the session with a range of tools and strategies for making the SAMR a reality in the classroom, ensuring effective technology use across a school.

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