Writing Strategies Using Text-to-Speech

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Thursday 2 October 11:00 am - 11:30 am


Meeting Room 7


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This paper describes an ethnographical case study about how one primary school teacher integrated text-to-speech technology into her instructional writing strategies to develop students’ knowledge-telling revision procedures. The text-to-speech technology enabled the teacher to personalise writing instruction by providing novice and more experienced writers with similar writing instruction but with differentiated writing goals. The findings suggest that text-to-speech technology is valuable for developing students’ understanding about the relationship between the author and the reader by enabling them to review what they have written as a cognitive tool to help them revise the meaning and mechanics of their texts. The use of text-to-speech technology for collaborative class writing activities served to de-privatise the writing process for response by a larger audience.

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  • Refereed Paper


  • Early Learning
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  • Pedagogy; instructional strategies; text-to-speech technology